About Me

Hello! Welcome to my blog Kizzi May!

I'm Kizzi (as you could probably guess from the blog name...) and quite simply, I love to read! I am currently in my final year of A levels, studying Maths, Chemistry and English Literature. Quite an odd combination and who knows what I was thinking when I chose them, but I hope to keep studying for English next year at university if all goes to plan!

Whilst I love studying English at school and sometimes a good Victorian classic is just what I need, YA fantasy doesn't tend to come up in discussion too often in class. And so I started doing more and more blog posts on here about my recent reads in YA and that's really how I started blogging about books!

Bookstagram is another part of book blogging which I have loved - who wouldn't want to scroll through photos and photos of books? I post regularly on my account over at @kizzimaybooks taking part in some monthly challenges and general posts of some of my favourite books!

Feel free to follow me on twitterinstagram, goodreads and pinterest too!

Thank you so much for coming and reading my blog!

Kizzi x