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I have not been the most consistent bullet journaler in the past, I'll admit, but I'm hoping that with the new year and a new journal, I can start the year off right and keep it going. Once I'm in the swing of things, I really love planing and drawing out all the monthly pages and using it to keep track and organise life. 

I got a new Moleskine dotted journal in red (😍) for Christmas and over the last few days have been planning what to put on the first few pages to start the year off. I have made a few mistakes but I am just going to say that it makes it look more rustic... 

Firstly, I have my index page. I have left quite a few blank pages here - four in total - as if I do manage to keep this going for the whole year or longer, there will be a lot of pages to put down! But if I do run out of the room for some reason, I can also stick in another DIY page. I think I will group together as much as I can. So for example, I will label all the pages I have in my monthly set up under January Set up or somthing similar. 

Next, I have my yearly overview. I never had this in my previous journal as I completely forgot to add one in and it was sourly missed. However, I think I have also made a mistake on this one in trying to fit the entire year in one double page which means I've already run out of room to add dates too. I wanted to use this page to mark down important dates that come up months in advance that I need to remember and transfer into the monthly set up when the time comes. Hopefully, I can fit it all in but I would recommend doing this across 4 pages, or have a separate calendar completely for birthdays as they seem to have taken up the most room! 

Also, whilst flicking through many pages on Pinterest, youtube and a few blogs, I saw this really fab idea of using washi tape down the side of a page to bookmark it. I've done this on this page as I feel like I will be flicking to this page a lot! 

In my new organised year (we'll see how long that lasts!) I thought it would be good to lay out what I want to achieve this year. There just going to be simple things like get good A-levels and read Anna Karenina (it is a very big book so I think a year is a good time) so that I can flick to it, see what I wanted to achieve this year and keep my focus. I also have a bit for any goals in life, which sounds dramatic I know but I am planning to just add to this page whenever I think of somthing I want to have accomplished in life, like live in another country and go travelling. Hopefully, I can achieve some of them and keep them in focus so I can work towards achieving them throughout the year!

The next page I have is my Goodreads reading challenge. As you can see, with what I have done on the next page, the pen has bled through quite badly so I am going to have to do somthing a bit inventive (maybe find some coloured paper to stick over the top?) as I don't like how unclear it all looks. And of course, this is a very important page for me! I have decided on a goal of 45 which is lower than last year but I wasn't able to reach it and with another busy year up ahead, hopefully, this is more achievable goal than my last. 

In keeping with my goals, I thought it would be good to have a visual on how my blog and instagram page is doing. I really want to focus on growing these two this year as I love doing both, but felt like I lost focus at certain parts of the year so I am hoping this will help me to be more consistant.

And lastly, I had a spare page before I got into the January spread and couldn't think of what to fill it with. When I stumbled across something similar to this on Pinterest, I had to put it in. I love stars and the moon so it seemed like a nice visual thing to add in. I have no idea how accurate this is as all I did was searched for the 2018 lunar calander and then chose every third moon to draw... So it is not accurate at all! But at least I have a general idea of when a full moon will be.

And there are we have my set up! I will add more pages as I think of them, or see them, throughout the journal so I will keep you updated throughout the year. Have a good 2018!

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  1. This layout looks amazing! Good luck keeping it up through out next year xx

    Sophie's Spot

    1. Thank you! I really hope to keep it going :)

  2. Nice post! I am starting up my bullet journal again, I had one in 2016 but lost interest in it completely. Now I hope to rekindle my love for it whenever it arrives

    1. Oh good luck! I felt the same when I first started it but with taking more time in how I decorate it has defintiyl helped to keep me interested!

  3. I love your lunar calendar and now I want one for myself and don't have any space left in my yearly collections :')
    Your glued in kraft paper makes me want to scrapbook in my bullet journal. Lovely post!

    1. Maybe you could add it in as a random page? Glad you liked the post and have fun scrapebooking!

  4. I started Bullet journaling but had no time to continue it. It's definitely something I want to start again soon. Your BuJo looks gorg x Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. Thank you! I have found it hard in the past to keep up with it as school and other things tend to leave me with no time at all but I'm hoping I can squeeze in some time here and there to dedicate to it! Good luck with starting it up again x


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