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I have said before that Instagram is my favourite social media platform, mainly because I am such a nosey person who loves to see photos of everyone's lives! I great thing about Instagram is that that you can share bits and pieces of your life through photos you are proud of and want to share. A lot of people who say that the photos you see on Instagram aren't a real portrayal of those people lives, that people edit and orchestrate their feeds to portray a life much more glamorous than what it really is, but why not? I think it is great to show off the bits of your life which you love.

Since Instagram is my favourite platform, I thought I would share with you some accounts which make it my favourite. I have quite a variety of accounts, from fashion to home, so there is hopefully one for everyone.


My mum first showed me this account a long time ago but it is still as gorgeous now as it was then! I love her house and how she styles it and I wish I could fill my room with bits and pieces she has. Her photography is just stunning, basically making me want her house! Also, how gorgeous is her cat?


I have loved the photos from Shotfromthestreet for such a long time, probably since I first started blogging, and I adore her style. She also has a YouTube channel and I would recommend watching her Testing Basics series as it is one of my favourites and so useful. They are so informative and I really trust her recommendations as I know she has fully tested everything out herself.


Lvinlovewith is a new find for me on Instagram but I love her account. Her photos of everyday life always look to beautiful, I wish my life was like hers! Her outfit of the day photos always look lovely and are great to get some inspiration from!


Another new find for me but another I really love are Alicecatherines photos. They always look so effortless, like this is her life and her every day, but are so stunning. I also love her hair and am seriously considering getting my fringe cut in again even though I have been desperately trying to grow mine out for nearly two years and it still isn't there yet!


Katybellemairs has such a beautiful theme on her Instagram with her grid always looking amazing and put together. She also has such an amazing blog with posts on fashion and lifestyle, I would recommend anyone to check her out for some inspiration or just a good read.


So finally, I have a book Instagram account because I have been following a lot more recently but this is by far my favourite. Even if you don't like books, her photography is amazing and I want to read everything she has on her. If you are a book blogger, definitely check out her account for some inspiration on how to photograph books.

So there you ahve it, my top six Instagrams at the moment. If you fancy following any of them, their names are linked and please check out my account here too if you would like!

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  1. I love finding new instagram accounts to follow so this was such a great post x

    Sophie's Spot

    1. So do I! I am so glad you liked it! xx


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