Dreaming of Summer


I have often said in previous posts how much I wish to travel and this is still very much the case. I have since made some very exciting plans that are slowly being more of a reality so I thought it was about time I talked about them. January and February are renowned for being the greyest, darkest months of the year especially if you live in the not so sunny UK. One of the ways people choose to brighten their days is to book a holiday so they have something to look forward to in the upcoming month, and this is what I did too.

It wasn't an impulse booking and I have actually been hoping and planning to do it for a while. But, after finally sitting down, planning out the dates and a budget, I booked it. And so, for one month this summer I am off to Sri Lanka to volunteer at an orphanage and then at an elephant home. I am so excited and nervous about it and all I want is for it to be summer tomorrow so I can just go! It would also help as I wouldn't have to do my As levels... A wishful thought after this week’s mocks.

Many of you may think that this is far to go for a 17-year-old, but I am not going completely on my own. I found a really good company called Plan My Gap year which organise pretty much the entire trip. They have a house in Sri Lanka where the volunteers stay (which is now me!) so you will always be surrounded by people. I am hoping that I will meet some really lovely people who I can then travel around Sri Lanka when we have spare time. Don't get me wrong, I am still daunted by the 18 hour flight and finding my way but so long as I am organised and I know what to do if I ever get lost, I know I will be fine. 

For the first two weeks, I am volunteering at one of the three orphanages PMGY have connections with, spending three hours in the afternoon helping the children with homework, their English etc as well as playing for a bit too. The rest of the day I am planning to explore as much of the local area as possible. The second two weeks, and the two weeks I am so excited about, will be spent at a home for elephants. I will have to clean their homes, take them on walks, wash them, feed them, it all sounds so cool! I love elephants so much, they are so kind and caring, they are supposibly one of the most family orientated animals around and I always imagen them to very wise.

Whilst we are on the topic of Sri Lanka, I thought I would show you the notebook I got in order to organise all my bits and pieces for this trip, any excuse to get some stationary right! After admiring this in Paperchase and then telling myself it was ridiculous to get yet another notebook, my mum ended up persuading me I had to have it. I love the map design and it is split into four really useful sections. Sadly I have only had the chance to use the finance section, much to my dismay, but I can't wait for the upcoming months when I will be able to use the others. There is also a small pocket in the back which will be really good to hold any paperwork I might have or notes so I always know where they are and don’t lose any (something I know is bound to happen!).

This holiday will take up the majority of my summer so I need to figure out when I will fit in school work and blogging but ah well! I am sure I can make it work. This will hopefully be one of the best summers I will have with lots of new experiences and a trip I will be talking about years later. Have you got any exciting plans for the summer? 

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  1. Wowee this is such exciting news for you- I'm excited! I bet you'll have a wonderful time and you'll have to write lots of posts and share some pictures of your time when you get back! X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

    1. Thank you! I would love to right so many posts about it and share it all, kind of like an online dairy of the whole experience! Fingers crossed it all goes well!

  2. This is so exiting! Have a wonderful time!
    IN 1997


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