Why I Wouldn't Go Back to A Matte Foundation


For a year or so, I have worn a matte foundation day in and day out. Possibly because it was the look everyone was going for but also because I thought that would be the antidote to my teenage troubles: an oily t-zone. However, I came to the recent realisation that a matte foundation was creating more issues than it was solving. I have never been satisfied with how many foundation looked as I could never attain that flawless, airbrushed look that everyone else seemed to have, finally coming to the conclusion that I would need to buy an expensive, high-end foundation in order to do so or wait until I had better skin. But I have found a foundation that seems to do this without making me penniless!

I have quite oily skin around my t-zone (nose, forehead, chin... basically my entire face except my cheeks) but my skin still gets really tight after washing it as well as little dry patches which seem to come and go as they please. I found the matte foundation I was using would sit on top of any dry areas, looking cakey and horrible but would also be broken up by the oil around my nose, neither of which were very good looks. I finally gave up with that foundation and decided it was time to buy a new one!

I headed over to the No7 counter in Boots as I read Sali Hughes post on the best budget foundations and she recommended the No7 Instant Radiance foundation. Funnily enough, this was the same one the lady at the counter recommended for me after asking what I was looking for in a foundation (a light feeling foundation with a medium coverage that wouldn't look cakey on my skin). At No7 they have a colour matcher which is great as there is nothing that looks worse than a mismatched foundation and I always struggle to find the right colour for me in the shop lights. I was matched to the colour Calico (the lightest shade they have... as usual!)  and it was the same shade I got when I bought my first foundation years ago, the Essentially Natural Foundation (also a fab foundation I would really recommend). She also recommended this foundation because I get dry patches as it would be better to have a dewier foundation, which I can then matte down using a powder over my t-zone of needed - this has been working really well for me so far!

I apply the foundation with just my fingers for a lighter coverage (I need to get a new foundation brush so any recommendations are welcome!) or with a beauty blender if I want more coverage, both leave my skin looking flawless and you can't see any patchiness or strokes in the foundation. Then I have been using the Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer in the shade light on any red areas that haven't been fully covered. These two products are great together and I have been loving the combination. It feels very light and not at all cakey but still does a good job at hiding those dark circles and any redness I have (which tends to be quite a lot!). After that, I use Rimmel's Stay Matte powder just over anywhere I might have some oil, just so that it isn't too dewy. I think the more dewy look is becoming a more preferred look and matte becoming less so, so  I like to keep my cheeks with a bit of a glow instead of completely mattifying it.

I don't mean to completely dismiss matte foundations as I know so many people will still love them, I just haven't found one that sits as nicely on my skin. As I grow older and my skin becomes less erratic with it changing what skin type it is what feels like every five minutes, I may try another one and see how it goes. But at the moment I am sticking to my Instant Radiance. What foundation have you been using lately?

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  1. the zoeva foundation / buffing brush is aazing if you're in need of a new brush!


    1. Thank you so much! I have been looking at trying some Zoeva products so I might give this one ago!

  2. This foundation sounds lovely! I used to wear no7 foundation but have currently switched to Estee Lauder Double Wear :) x

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn

    1. Oh I have heard really good things about that!

  3. This foundation sounds lovely, I have also recently got bored of the matte finish and realising that it doesn't actually give that great of a finish. Lovely post!
    Hollie xx

    1. Yeah I just don't find it very flattering on me anymore! Maybe again in the future...


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