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Makeup is one of my favourite things and I love to wear it everyday, even if it is just a neutral look that doesn't make any strong statement. I do change what I do from day to day, but my basic routine tends to stay pretty much the same.

Today's post is in collaboration with Erin from ItsEverythingErin and I am so excited to be doing this post with her! She is such a lovely person and it is completely reflected in her blog with her amazing posts about beauty, music and lifestyle. I am sure many of you already read her blog but if not, make sure you check out her post and blog. All her links will be down at the bottom of the page.

No7 has been one of my favourite brands since I first started wearing makeup, especially for foundations. I bought the Instant Radiance foundation as it is a medium coverage but feels really light on the skin which is exactly what I want in a foundation. I had previously been using a Sephora own brand foundation and found it far too thick which is why I decided to buy a new one.

Recently, I haven't been wearing foundation every day, opting for the lighter option of just a bit of concealer as my skin has been much better. However, when I do wear it I just use my fingers to get a nice light but even coverage. But if I am going out and want completely flawless skin, I will use my Beauty Blender as I get a much thicker coverage as this foundation is also really buildable. My only issue with this is that it can get a bit too dewy during the day time and I do have to keep powdering, but it is only a minor fault.

I wrote a post on why I wouldn't go back to a matte foundation and I talk about this foundation in more detail so if you are interested, make sure you check that out by clicking here!

This is an amazing highlighter. Continuing with my new 'dewy' look, using a cream highlight instead of a powder makes the highlight extra highlighty... It is also super easy to apply, either just draw it straight on (and blend! I am personally not one to go for the highlighter stripe) or, if I used my Beauty Blender, I dab it into the highlight and that stipple it onto my cheek. I am really impressed with all the Soap and Glory products I have tried so far, their lipsticks are so creamy and feel like a much higher quality than you pay for them, I can't wait to try their brow products as I have heard so many good things about them. 

This blush has been a staple in my makeup bag ever since I first wore makeup. In fact, I think it may have been the first ever piece of makeup I ever bought, way back in 2012 which seems so long ago. I can't say which shade it is as it rubbed off long ago, and I have tried to find the same one in the shops but I don't think they sell the same colours as they did back then, however my mum recently got a gorgeous blush from Bourjois so I know that their colours are still as gorgeous as they were. The packaging is so lovely and compact, it is the perfect thing to carry in your handbag to use throughout the day, just to add a little colour to you cheeks (they also look great in blog photos!). 

This is a new buy for me and so far, I am pretty impressed! I was a bit weary of the sponge on the end of the Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer as I thought it would stop the concealer coming out, however I now love it as it blends a lot of the concealer for you, as well as evenly distributing it onto your skin. One issue I have noticed is that it seems to be going down pretty quickly so I don't know how long it will last, however I do use it every day without fail ( although my cat doesn't seem to mind the absence of makeup on days I just can't be bothered!). 

I have fallen into the Velvet Teddy trap, although it is a trap I am very willing to be in. When this colour was big a year or so ago, I wasn't all that keen, however now I am completely in love with it and it is one of my favourite lipsticks. Whilst it is a matte, it doesn't dry out my lips like some matte lipsticks and I actually found myself putting it on in the mornings before school to prevent my lips from drying out during the extremely cold walk. It is my perfect neutral lipstick, the one where it looks like your wearing lipstick but it is subtle and perfect for school.

And so there you have all of my staple products for the last few weeks! I hope you like this post and make sure you check out Erin's blog and follow her on her links below! See you next Monday!

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  1. Lovely post, thanks for collabing with me, really enjoyed it! I am also a huge lover of MAC's Velvet Teddy and I'm very jealous of the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics in the first photo, I really want to try that palette! I also will be checking that foundation out now, sounds really good!x

    Erin // Everything Erin

    1. It is such a good foundation! It was so lovely collabing with you and can't wait for the next one!

  2. Velvet teddy and the Maybelline eraser eye are two of my favourite makeup bits too, I'm always using them! X

    Kate// itskaterose.blogspot.com


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