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I feel like I only did my skincare routine a few weeks ago, but looking back it was in October that I did my last skincare related post, and since then my routine has completely changed since then. How fast time has flown! I have talked about my skin before, oily in some places, normal in others and really dry in little patches. This made it really difficult to find the right skincare product and I had really bad skin. So I tried many different products, cheap and expensive, with the expensive ones coming out on top which always makes me a bit sad as I usually can't afford them. I settled in using the Clinique Three Step system which worked for a while but I had to stop using it for two reasons: it was too expensive to replace and my skin got too used to it and it stopped working - anyone else find this with face washes and shampoos? So I turned to a cheaper alternative but it was probably the best decision yet! I found my skin almost cleared up completely, much better than I can remember it being in years. Here are the products I've been using (apart from the face wash but I'll say why below). 

Recently, I have really been loving Soap and Glory's products and their Peaches and Clean cleansing milk is no different. Soap and Glory products always smell amazing, but when putting something on my face, I prefer it to be less scented as I always relate scents to some kind of chemical, and the less artificial stuff (technical term I know) in your face washes, the better (this is just my personal thoughts, I don't actually know if these products do or don't artificial scents within it). However, they managed to get the perfect balance of scent in this cleanser as I love the slight smell of peaches, using it every night to remove all my makeup and grime from my face that has been built up throughout the day. I just use one pump and massage it all over before removing it with warm water and a face cloth. I really strongly recommend you use a cleanser to remove your makeup and not wipes as they don't remove your makeup, just moves it around your face. I love this as it removes all my makeup, is much cheaper than the cleanser I was using at £8 and lasts for such a long time! 

So I mentioned about that this wasn't actually the product I have been using the past few weeks and only got this yesterday, however what I was useing ran out a few days ago and I threw it away before I could take a photo of it. I was useing a Clearasil Gel which has anti-bacterial ingredients within it which is somthing that I would really recomend when looking at buying a face wash as this will help stop any spots you have spreading and willl really reduce the amount of breakouts you have. I got this Freederm wash as I have heard that it is one of the best brands for getting rid of breakouts and I really wanted to try it out. This isn't anti-bacterial so I think I may get the other wash they have which is, but I will keep using this one for the meantime and see how it goes.

This has to be my new holy grail product. After I have washed my face in the evening, I pretty much put this all over my face, and it really does help. This Freederm Gel has an anti-inflammatory ingredient so it really helps to reduce the size and redness. Obviously, it can't perform miracles and doesn't completely get rid of them overnight, maybe two though! It is a little pricey at £5.25 for the size of the bottle and it didn't last that long, although that may be because my mum was also using it. However I have just bought a new one so I definitely believe it is worth it! 

This isn't a sponsored post but I was just looking on the Freederm website and it has lots of really good information about treating spots and it tells you all about their products which could be really useful for anyone who wants to take a look! 

So this is what I have been using the last few month! I hope this has been given you some ideas on what products you could try out and hope you liked it! I have a really exciting post coming on Thursday so make sure you are back to check that out! 

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  1. The soap and glory cleansing milk is my favourite thing to use ever. I use it religiously every day and the bottle lasts for ages! x

    Kate// itskaterose.blogspot.com

    1. Its is brilliant! And it does last for such a long time! I have been using it for months now and I am not even half way through it yet!


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