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I seem to spend half my time scrolling through pages and pages of online stores looking at all the clothes, dreaming of what I could buy if I had and infinite supply of money. I feel that blogging has really helped me find my own style as I no longer buy random items that I saw at random whilst shopping, only to get home and realise I have what to wear it with. Instead, I spend more time looking at different blogs, finding people who wear the kind of clothes I want to wear, getting inspiration and styling tips, and I spend more time finding one or two items I know I will love and wear again and again. 

I have a few outfit posts lined up for the next few weeks which I am really excited to share with you as I absolutely love them, but today I thought I would share some of the items I have been eyeing up online - I love blogging but one of its downsides is spotting amazing clothes that I instantly love and want but it is not the best for my purse...

So this first item is a complete luxury and dream that I will sadly never be able to realise as it is waaaayy out of any budget I will have. But we always have to have those wishful ideals that are never really going to happen, as the quote goes, "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land upon the stars.". Hopefully my start will be pretty good! This Chloé bag is absoloutly beautiful, being both a classic in its style and unique in its colour. The teal with the gold details is stunning and it would be a very much loved bag if I were rich and not a 16 year old student! 

Embroidery is one of my favourite things right now, as well as jeans. I don't know why, but since I bought my mom jeans a few months ago I have been constantly online looking at all the different jeans TopShop have with an ever increasing list of the different styles I want. These jeans are straight legged which I haven't tried before but they look really flattering on others, similar to mom jeans but more tailored. And can we just take a moment to admire the trim of these jeans? They may be a bit out there with the pom poms but I just love them! With a pair of loafers, they would look perfect for spring and would brighten colder days.

I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of yellow, but it seems to work on these shoes. These flowers are so sweet and delicate, they work perfectly in contrast to the chunky block heel. I think these would look gorgeous with my mom jeans for a day time look but with a twist to it, and then with a pair of black skinny jeans, they would be perfect for the evening. 

Embroidered boots seem to be everywhere right now, especially the ones from Ego. I first saw this company from Izzy Manuel's blog and instantly knew I had to get these boots. I now keep seeing them everywhere on Instagram and twitter and it makes me a little bit sad that I still haven't gotten round to getting my own pair! They look are so fun but beautiful at the same time, I think I would wear them all the time. They would be great to pair with some black skinny jeans and a plain top as they should really be the focus of any outfit.

Is it too late to still be buying jumper dresses? Maybe so but the colour of this would be perfect for spring. I have another jumper that has the same ribbed texture, and it is one of my favourite jumpers as it is so comfy and warm, so I know this will be the same. In spring, this would look so good with just a pair of converse as a super casual but styled look.

This last dress is one I love, but it does look a bit risqué with its low cut front, however, it is described as I 'wrap dress' so I think I would be able to pull it in a bit tighter. The thing that sold me on this dress was the sleeves. I love how they poof out at the end, gathering at the wrist with the lace coming out over your hand. When I buy a jumper or long sleeve top, I do like it to cover part of my hand as I think it looks so much more flattering than it stopping three inches from my wrist. Florals are always a winner and the dark tones in the dress are lovely, red and black has to be one of my favourite combinations.

So there you have my wish list as of this moment. Just looking at all these clothes makes me want them so badly! I am sure this list will get bigger and bigger (and hopefully smaller when I get to treat myself with an item every now and then...) but I have really enjoyed putting together the photos and writing about the items so I think I will definitely be adding little updated wish list posts every now and then. If that is something you guys would like. Let me know in the comments below and see you on Thursday!

Items mentioned:
Chloé Bag, Net-A-Porter
Embroidered Jeans, Topshop
Embroidered Platforms, Topshop
Embroidered Boots, Ego
Jumper Dress, Miss Guided
Floral Dress, Asos

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  1. That playsuit is gorgeous! x

  2. There's some lovely items on this list, I haven't even started thinking about a fashion wish list for the S/S season ahha lovely post xx

    Sophie's Spot

    1. Haha it has become a way to swtich off from school so it seems to be all I am doing at the moment!


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