Velvet Trousers: The Perfect Christmas Outfit


Christmas day is nearly here bringing with it all the delicious food, beautiful gifts, wonderful family and Christmas music which I have found to be the best thing to wake you up on these very dark winter mornings. However, this all comes with the dilemma of what to wear at the parties and festive gatherings, never mind The Big Day itself. I had my first ever Christmas work dinner at a local restaurant and, being one of those people who completely over thinks everything, I got really worked up about what to wear. I thought I would put together this post on what would be the perfect outfit for any occasion this Christmas.

Have you ever had that moment when you see an item of clothing and know you just have to have it? These trousers are that item. I saw them on the hanger, with only one size 10 left, and I bought them the next day. If you haven't noticed that velvet is 'in' right now then its time to get on the band wagon as it is a trend that I am all for. Velvet is such a luxurious fabric, one that elevates any look. They also feel so nice, you can tell that they are really good value and will last a very long time. I also love the shape of these trousers, they are very loose, straight legged, verging on culottes but not quite as they do not go wide enough at the bottom, however the do have the same effortless look that I really love. I think it makes them much more wearable as you can get away with wearing them during the day with just a plain t-shirt and converse, or have them as more of an evening piece with a pair of heels and crop top. The added gold of these shoes next to the plush fabric is so perfect for a more glamorous evening look.

The last thing to tie this look together is a classic: the leather jacket. I have had this jacket for about two years now and wore it to death for the first year. For some reason I have rarely worn it since, then putting it on for the first time this year just the other day. It has refreshed my love for it and I felt it would be perfect with these trousers. It is a heavy jacket making it only wearable in winter (which means I obviously need to buy a thinner one for this summer...) so it is perfect when you have to go into the cold but don't want to wear a huge coat that will ruin your outfit. 

And there you have a winter outfit featuring some amazing and luxurious trousers! What are you planning to wear this Christmas?

Trousers: Monsoon
Top: H&M
Jacket: Warehouse
Shoes: Kurt Geiger 

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  1. I love finding old goodies in my closet. It's nice that you came to love your jacket once again. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. It is the best isn't it? I can't wait to get some more use out of it!

  2. Those trousers are so beautiful!! I am also planning on going with the velvet trend for christmas with a velvet dress.
    Hollie xx

  3. This outfit is so nice, and I love the shoes!!! I don't own any velvet but I've seen it everywhere at the moment, maybe I should try some on, these trouser look nice xx

    Sophie's Spot

    1. Thank you! You should definitly try some velet!


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