Joan Collins Compact Duo*


Is this or is this not some of the most gorgeous packaging you have ever seen? I was sent this little duo and I was so excited to try it out! Joan Collins is a famous actress and writer who has used her passion for beauty to make her own makeup brand, Timeless Beauty. A quote from their website which I think is something that all brands should aspire to. "It (Timeless Beauty) aims not not just to improve women, but to provide them with the tools to feel and be beautiful at any age".

The idea behind the compact is that it is perfect for your handbag for any makeup fixes you need throughout the day and I really feel that it is really perfect for this role. The compact itself is not too chunky but still feels solid enough that it won't be broken by the ridiculous amount of stuff I have knocking about in my bag! The only think I can fault with this is that the lipstick just slots into the gap so I feel this would just keep falling out and get lost at the bottom of my bag! 

The powder is lovely and a really good shade for my skin, possibly slightly darker than what I would usually wear in winter  but not by much at all. It is not cakey or powdery so would highly recommend it. The puff it comes with is not the best but these things never really are and I much prefer to apply powder with a brush anyway however for in my handbag its does the job. The compact doesn't come in any other shades of powder but Joan Collins does have a separate powder that has four different shades to choose from.

The lipstick is so gorgeous. The formula is so creamy and soft however I do find that it was a bit too glossy and felt like it was just sliding off my lips but that could just be because I am not used to that kind of finish as I prefer more matte shades. I am also not a huge fan of the colour as I don't really suit brown shades, however, if you love a good brown lippy, this is definitely the colour for you! The shade my compact came with was called Katrina but unlike the powder, you can choose from an array of different lipsticks to come in your compact as well as getting them full size which is fab. 

So overall, I look forward to using this more and more and trying out more of Joan Collins makeup. Have you tried any of Joan Collins's makeup?

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  1. This duo is gorgeous and I love the look of the lipstick. Great post! x



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