A Mini Sephora Haul From Paris


Sephora is one of those shops that every makeup lover has heard of, especially if you read or watch beauty vlogs and blogs. You hear about the makeup you can buy and see the countless number of thumbnails that include the name Sephora,  immediately enticing you into watching to see what delightful things they bought - which is probably why you decided to read this post! 

Now I was drawn into the idea of Sephora and when we passed one in the streets of Paris, I had to go in. It also helped that seemed to have a packing meltdown and forgot to bring with me foundation, mascara, and eyeliner. So in we went and I bought one of their foundations, mascaras, and an eyeliner. I also got a bit carried away and bought a Beauty Blender, encouraged by my mum so I can really blame her for spending way too much money. When we were in the shop, all the staff created two lines and the entrance and started singing to everyone who walked in, whooping as they walked passed which was really funny, although I was glad they stopped by the time we left! 

They had lots of high-end brands but I couldn't quite justify their expense so tried the Sephora own brands makeup and I have to say, sadly I wasn't too impressed. I found I was actually disappointed in the products, not because I had high expectations, but because I found they didn't follow through with what the packaging promised or with what I look for in makeup. 

When buying this foundation, I originally thought that they only had three shades, light, medium and dark which was a little disappointing, however, I then noticed that they then had different numbers within those shades. I tested and few and somewhere more pink and others slightly cooler which is what I went for as I felt this matched my skin better. They also had a lighter foundation and a heavier foundation which is also the one I went for as I prefer a bit more coverage and I do struggle with redness and spots. I find I do have to use concealer over the top but it does even my skin out quite well.
When I first tried this I was not at all impressed and actually wanted to return it straight away as I felt it made my skin look really packed with makeup, highlighted all my spots and clung to all my dry patches, exactly what you want in a foundation I know. However I have to admit, I stuck with it and now I actually really love it. I do find that I need to really prime my face with lots of moisturizer and primer for it to not really cling and it can be a bit sticky but that goes away and leaves a really nice finish. The bottle does that it lasts 10 hours which I don't entirely agree on as by the time I get home from school I find it has lost a lot of its coverage but all in all I do really like it. May not sounds like it but I do!

My mum picked this out for me as she thought the brush looked good and while it is nice, this isn't my favorite mascara as I find that it doesn't really give me the volume I want. It is amazing as coating every single lash but I find it doesn't do much for thickening them or lengthening them a huge amount which is something I like in a mascara. So it was good for my mascara emergency and for days when I want the no makeup makeup look but not for when I want my lashes to really stand out.

I think this liner was what I was looking forward to the most and the one I was most disappointed about. I first learned how to do eyeliner with a liquid pen liner very similar to this and recently I have been really wanted to get another as I was a bit bored of using my gel liner so when I saw this one I was really excited. However, I find that it runs out really quickly when I am using it and I have to really shake it to get a darker line, and it smudges really easily and creased when I open my eye. I was really disappointed and would definitely suggest getting the L'oreal one which I find much better.

Last but not least, the Beauty Blender. I have wanted to try this for so long and the price has always put my off. I still haven't really got the technique of using it and I find it takes quite a while to apply and my makeup isn't as flawless as I thought it would be, however, I want to try it with a few other foundations and try using it a different way and see if that makes a difference, as I know a few people who also use it and their makeup is always impeccable. In the top photo, you can see it before it has been dampened, and in the second, you can see it when it has been dampened and rinsed out. I don't know if you can really see the difference in size compared to the coin but there is quite a big difference and which is good - I haven't tried any other sponges so I don't know how this compares but from what I can tell its pretty good! 

So those were the few bits pieces I picked up when in Sephora. While it wasn't the most successful trip I that some products will improve over time and next time I think I'll do a bit more research before I head to the shops.

Have you ever visited Sephora? What did you think of their makeup?

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  1. I love sephora as a shop but have never actually tried any of their own brand items
    Hollie xx

    1. Aw really? It is the first time I've been and it was quite nice!

  2. Hope you had a great time in Paris, I love the beauty blender :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

    1. Thank you! I would so amazing and I love the beauty blender too!


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