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My skin is something that  I have struggled with a lot for the past few years and have always felt self-conscious about. I would never dream of leaving the hour or letting anyone apart from my family see me without my foundation. In recent times, I have felt that my skin has been at its worst with spots and redness constantly appearing but never disappearing. However, I have finally found, or re-found, a product that I think has really helped improve my skin in the last month.

I mentioned the Clinique 3-Step system in a previous post I wrote on my nightly routine when I only had two out of the three steps. It has taken me this long to get around to repurchasing the second step. The Clinique 3-Step system includes a wash, a liquid scrub and then a moisturiser. I have been using the wash religousily since I first started using it in December last year and I use the moituriser when ever I need it (I have the annoying skin type that is sometimes ridiculously oily and other times painfully dry). But it seemed to have stopped working on my skin and I was getting a lot of big groups of stops and many little ones all over my forehead that never seemed to go so I decided to splash a bit of the cash and get the liquid scrub which is meant to help these types of spots. The idea od it being a liquid means that it can get right into your pores and removed all the left over dirt in your skin. 

When I went into the store, the clinique lady was very helpful and suggested that I get the antibacterial version as well as giving me a sample of the antibacterial wash for free which was so lovely of her. She said that this would help stop the sports from spreading and after I was finished with this bottle, I should then carry on with the normal one. 

And so that is what I have done in the month (maybe even less than that) I have seen a huge improvement in my skin. I no longer have the small bumps all over my forehead and only have a few spots around my face instead of big clusters of them. There is still a lot of redness and spots but I hope that the scrub will keep on improving my skin and hopefully spots will be a worry of the past! I finally feel comfortable going outside without foundation which is great! Don't get me wrong I still love wearing a full face of makeup but I also think that it is so important to feel comfortable in your own skin. 

This may not work for everyone's skin but it has for me and I really do hope that if you try it it works out for you! 

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  1. I have shared similar skin problems for quite some time now so will definitely be giving this a go, lovely post
    Hollie xx

    1. Oh you should! You'll will have to let me know if it works! Or doesn't work...!

  2. I love this post, Kizzi! Unfortunately, I struggle with acne too, especially during a certain time of month. I find that exfoliating with baking soda is extremely helpful! I've tried Clinque products before- but their 3 step system burned my skin. I couldn't handle it. Hopefully this one works for you. It definitely got rid of my spots, it just made my skin very dry.

    But I couldn't agree more with the Clinique techs being so lovely. They're so nice!

    Lovely post! xx


    1. Ah no! I have heard that from a few people and it is such a shame! Hopefully you will find another one that is right for you xx


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