Why I Want to go Cruelty Free


Going cruelty-free with my make-up is something that I have wanted to do for a while. I think that it is something that it really important and I feel like I should be supporting the brands that make that extra effort to prevent testing their products on animals. You hear all the horrid stories from other bloggers, articles in magazines and just general talk about animal cruelty, and you do feel guilty about using products that might have been tested on animals. 

The only thing that has been stopping me from going cruelty-free is (well actually two things) how hard it is to find brands that are cruelty-free, and not extortionately priced. I only really know two brands that are definitely cruelty-free, The Body Shop and Lush. Now I love both of these shops and I would love to spend more of my money here but, The Body Shop especially, are quite expensive and don't have a huge range of makeup. I definitely need to do some more research into the brands that I use to see if they test on animal, but I have a feeling that a lot of them do  as I imagine that I would know if a brand is cruelty-free as that is a very big selling point. But if any of you guys have any suggestions of brands or products that are cruelty-free I would love to hear about it! 

Going cruelty-free would also be a huge change for my blog too. I wouldn;t want to have to restrict what I review, exclude brands and products that people want to hear about. But it could also bring a new aspect to my blog. It might be interesting to see how hard it is to find these products and how to find them. Hopefully, it will be a good experience and I definitely want to start testing and reviewing more cruelty-free products, to see if any of them can replace the products I have now that are by brands who are definitely not known for their ethical values. I also think it will help with the issue I have of impulse purchases which are what I spend a lot of my money on and end up regretting it as I actually don't like it or it wasn't what I really wanted and should have waited, as I will have to do more research into what I buy and why I want it which will mean I will have to really think about it. The products also tend to be more expensive so I will be less inclined to buy something without making sure I really want it. So, you never know, maybe this will help me save money instead of spending more!

So do you make a special effort to get cruelty-free products? 

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  1. Loved this post! I've been thinking about going cruelty free for a while, but I've never actually taken the big step.

    Mind checking out my recent - it's all about bomber jackets 'n' blush pink!

    Alice x

    1. It is such a big step but hopefully I'll be able to slowly swap products I use when they start running out! I'll just go check out your recent now!


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