Autumn Make Up: Night and Day


Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year when it comes to makeup, I feel that you can get a lot more experimental with different colours and it is more acceptable to wear darker, smokier shades during the day. However I have put together today two looks which you can wear anytime of the day but the first is slightly darker and bolder which would be perfect for in the evening, and the second is much softer and definitely best to be worn in the day. 

Of course as usually, I planned out this post and then my skin decided that was the perfect time to have a huge breakout which slightly ruins the photos but what can you do! But anyway! Onto the first look! This is what I chose as the evening look but I wear this during the day which maybe less eyeliner. 

For this look I used the Make Up Revolution Ultra Professional Eyeshadow palette in Flawless ( I have a much more in-depth review of this palette plus others by Make Up revolution in this post here!) and I have labeled the first colour I used as number 1 (these palettes do come with a plastic slip that has all the names on it but I always loose them!). This colour is best applied with your finger as you get a much more pigmented colour that lasts much longer. Just press the pigment all over your lid and because you are using your finger you don't need to do much blending which is fab! As you can probably tell from the state of my palette, I use this all the time and it is a really fab palette to have for your everyday looks!  

Then, using a eyeshadow brush by Real Techniques, if you don't have one of these then you should know that they are actually quite fluffy shadow brushes so you should use one similar, I applied the shade labeled '2', just in the outer corner, you don't want that to go too close to the centre of your lid. I then added the shade labeled '3' into the very outer edge of the shadow so that you get a sort of ombre effect with will look really nice, especially with eyeliner on the top.

Recently, I have been applying my eyeliner in this method and I have been really liking it so I thought I would share with you how I do it. I use the Maybelline Eye Studio gel eyeliner with a Real Techniques fine liner brush. When I add the gel to the brush I make sure that I apply it to both sides pushing it into a very flat shape which makes it easier to get a much more precise line. I then draw a line following on from the shape of my lower lash line, about the length of the flick I want. Then I pull the liner from the top of that line towards my lash line, creating the general shape that I want, I then fill that in, finishing the line about a third of the way in. Of course, you can do your eyeliner however you want but I really like the way that this looks and it is actually quite an easy way of doing it.

And there you go! There is your finished night time/evening look!

So onto the day time look. This is super simple and can easily be glammed up with a bit of eyeliner, some more shades of a nice, dark, autumn lipstick but I thought I would share with you the basic shades that I like to use every day as it is super quick and something I can quickly put on for school.

I am going to be mainly using the same palette as I did for the previous look except for my base shade, I used this little clinique shadow which I have no idea where it is from and think it must have been in one of their gift sets however the shade I have labeled as number '4' is very similar just a slight yellow undertone, I applied this all over the lip, actually using the little sponge it comes with as I find it does just as good as a job as a brush, making sure my whole lid is covered. Then I took the same shade I used as my base previously (so that is number '1') and using my finger applied it into the outer corner of my eye bringing it to about a third of my eye.

Finally, and yes that is it, I used the same shadow brush as before to apply a mix of shade '3' and '4' to the very outer edge of the eye. Apply mascara and voila!

I hope you guys like this post and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Both looks are so beautiful, and I agree that this time of the year is definitely a favourite on the makeup front
    Hollie xx

    1. Thank you! I do love this time of year!


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