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I am very excited for today's post as it is a collaboration with the amazing Nicole from ThriftyVintageFashion. Nicole is one of my favourite bloggers and we met through the Teenage Blogger Program and if you haven't read her blog yet then definitely check it out! This post is going to be on how we organise ourselves to make sure we keep on top of things and don't miss out on anything! I'm going to mainly talk about my bullet journal which has become my new best friend and has helped me so much since I started it a few months back so let's begin!

Bullet Journal, Beauty and Brownies, Organisation, Blog Post, Ideas, Pinterest

If any of you haven't heard of a bullet journal I'll give a brief idea of what it is. It is basically a notebook where you can write down daily lists, weekly plans and any other lists or plans or things you want to remember down, all into one book so you know exactly what you are doing. I'm thinking of doing another post on how to set up a bullet journal so let me know if you think that would be a good idea! You can also jazz up your journal in whatever way you want - some prefer it quite plane so they can quickly jot things down, others like to use it as quite a creative space and use different colours and fonts etc; I wouldn't say my journal is the most creative but I do like spending a wee bit on making it more colourful and interesting to look at. Anyway, here is how I use my journal to organise my life.

Bullet Journal, Beauty and Brownies, Organisation, Blog Post, Ideas, Twitter Chats, List

Bullet Journal, Beauty and Brownies, Organisation, Blog Post, Ideas, List, Blogging List

Now these are my babies when it comes to trying to remember things. I have an awful memory, both long-term and short-term (you don;t know how many times I've walked from one room to the next and forgotten why I needed to go there in the first place) so having these have really helped me. Some examples of the lists I have in my journal are my Blogs list , which has lists of some of the blogs I want to check out, the ones I like and specific posts that I found helpful and will probably revisit ( you can see Nicole is one of the bloggers on here!). Another is my post ideas which I have divided into categories. This just helps me to write down any idea I have when I have them as I do forget them really quickly which is so annoying. It's normally later that night when I'm trying to get to sleep I remember that I thought of that really great post idea but have no idea what it was! Other examples would be my To Be Read page, a Twitter Chats page so I know all the times of the different chats, some wish lists and basically any other lists that I find helpful.

Bullet Journal, Beauty and Brownies, Organisation, Blog Post, Ideas, Weekly Planner

Bullet Journal, Beauty and Brownies, Organisation, Blog Post, Ideas, Calendar

Weekly Planners & Calendar

Now when I first started my bullet journal, I decided that I wouldn't do weekly planners and just do bullet points for each day as I thought the planner would be to structured. However, I felt this way wasn;t helping me make progress throughout the day and decided to give the planner a shot and actually found them to be a lot more helpful. I've been trying out different ones to see which are the most helpful and I like to have different columns for different targets. So for example, I have one column for my to-do list, another for any important timing for that day (for example and eye appointment) and then another for my blogging to do list. This helps me to see everything very clearly and make sure I am on track to get everything I want to be completed for the day. In some of my planners, I also have a water count which is so helpful! I do not drink enough water and my mum is always saying I need to drink more so I decided to do this to help me and encourage me to drink more and I think it works! I started off doing entire pages dedicated to it but this was very time-consuming but I managed to fit it into some of my weekly planners. Here, I colour in on dot whenever I have 500ml. These water counts are for 4 pints per day which is apparently the recommended daily intake- please don't quote me on this as I did just google it and may not be correct but I feel it is a good starting point at least.
Another way of making sure I remember important dates is the calendar which has all the main dates that I need to remember. Here I only put the main dates and not the little appointments as I find it clogs it up and I just prefer it! 

Bullet Journal, Beauty and Brownies, Organisation, Blog Post, Ideas, Monthly tracker

Monthly Tracker 

This is what really has made a change to what I do. I suppose this isn't really organising my life but it definitely a way of making sure I get the little things, the things that I have to do every day, done. On here I put my daily goals (like 'read at least 30 pages') as well as things like 'make the bed' to give myself a little reminder to get these things done. And I use colour to check the different boxes so you can see when I haven't completed which bit and it can look pretty bad which encourages me to make sure I do it the next day! 

And so that is basically it! These are a few ways I use my bullet journal to organise my life and make sure I don't miss anything important. Make sure you go over a read Nicole post here and have a look at what she uses to organise her life. Have you got a bullet journal? What are your favourite ways to organise?

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  1. Such an interesting post! I have just started a blog bullet journal and am loving that but of extra organization! The pens you featured are also my favourite pens! I like the idea about blogs to read as well, as I often forget blogs that I want to see! Lydia Eve | xx

    1. I have found my bullet journal so helpful! I need to actually get some more of these pensa as they're all starting to run out!

  2. I'd love to see a post on how you set it up!! I love this post, I've wanted to start a bullet journal for so long but wouldn't even know where to start... I'm so unorganised!

    1. Oh fab! I'll get that up sometime text month!

  3. Your twitter chat spread is so pretty! I keep debating whether I should start a bullet journal but this has convinced me xx

    1. Aw thank you so much! You defenitly should as it is soo helpful!

  4. Amazing journal. Your handwriting is so lovely *-*

    Mia |

  5. Your bullet journal is beautifully laid out! It's rather inspiring!

    1. Aw thank you! I do love trying to find new ways of making it look a wee bit nicer!

  6. Lovely post! I love my Bullet Journal too, I find it so useful. I am making a seperate one for school as I want to try to be more organised.

    1. Oh that ssuch a good idea! Might have to try that out as I am going to really try to keep ontop of things this year!

  7. I haven't started a bullet journal yet, but with everyone's looking so nice and seeing how organise it is might have to soon, lovely post x

    Sophie |

    1. I have been loving my bullet journal so would definitely recommend! You will have to let me know how you get on!


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