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The thing I love about blogging is that no matter how many times I say 'I have no idea what to post about today' somehow an idea emerges or my lovely blogger friends pull through and give me some fab new ideas and this is one of those times! The lovely Lexi from Lexii The Newt had nominated me for the Liebster award (you can read her post here!). 

So there are a few rules and technicalities before we get onto the main part so let's get them over with first! 
- You must post the award on your blog
- You have to acknowledge the blogger who nominated you (Hey Lexi!)
- You have to answer the questions assigned to you which I'll get to in  minutes!
- You just gave 10 random facts about yourself
- And finally, you have to nominate  further 10 bloggers who deserve the award
- (oh and ask them 10 questions too!)

And so onto the 10 questions given by Lexi:
1. Who is your style icon?
To be honest, I tend to just get the things I like so don't have a specific person I aspire to be but I love Audrey Hepburn - I just think that she si so effortlessly beautiful, a bit quirky but will be admired for years and years to come.
2. What is your favourite film currently in the cinema? 
I recently went to see 'Now You See Me 2' which was actually really good (not as good as the first but still good!) but I would love to see The BFG as well as I loved that story as a kid and remember falling asleep to the audio book.
3. How long have you had you blog?
I posted my first post on the 8th of March of this year so it will be nearly 5 months! Feels like a lot longer! 
4. What are you currently looking forward too?
I am currently looking forward to going on holiday to Croatia! By the time this post is up it will be my first full day there so hopefully it is as lovely as I have dreamed!
5. Favourite thing about summer?
I would have to say my favourite thing is the long days. I love getting home from school and still haven't a few hours of light, and not getting up in the pitch black which is always a little disheartening
6. Which social media do you use the most?
I use Instagram the most as I love looking at everyone's photos although twitter is quickly becoming my favourite.
7. Which is your favourite blog post on your blog? 
Now this is tricky as I think that you are your own worst critic and it's hard to big yourself up sometimes but recently I have been really proud of my post on the Benefit Radiant Skin Care (which you can read here!) which seems like a funny one to be proud of but it took me ages! I had to test out the products and I spent a lot of time trying different ways of taking photos and then put a lot of detail in the review so I was quite proud of how it turned out and you guys seem to like it too! 
8. What things are always in your bag?
I always have my purse and keys - not very exciting but I always forget everything else! 
9. If you could only use one makeup brand, what would it be?
I think I would have to use a luxury, high-end brand here as if your going to go all out, why not go that extra bit! I think I would probably use Benefit as, although I haven't used many of their products, there has only been one product I did like and I have loved everything else so that out ways all the negatives! 
10. What is your current favourite TV series?
I feel like this is a bit of a cop out as it isn't on tv (although they are bringing out  a new series!) is the Gilmore Girls as I just think is is so funny! I talked about is more on my post, Top Series to Binge Watch and I am still trying to get through all the series but it is taking a very long time! 

So that are all the questions I had to answer! Moving on to my 10 random facts about me...

1. I have a cat named Boo (from Monsters Inc.).
2. I have one older brother.
3. I do trampolining and kickboxing in my spare time.
4. I love science.
5. I would love to travel the world if I had enough money.
6. I always read the book before the film.
7. My favourite colours are blue and red.
8. I would love the Too Faced Chocolate Palette but always forget to ask for it as birthdays and Christmas's.
9. I have 7 ear piercings, a helix on each ear, a second piercing in each ear and a tragus piercing in my left ear.
10. I really don't like honey (or butter).

Ta da! So I hope you like finding out a bit more about me! The 10 people who I have chosen to nominate are:

1. Kate from KateRoseXO
2. Hollie from HollieThorpe
3. Anna from Thumbelina
4. Rebecca from WithinThePassion
5. Lauryn from Life of a Blonde
6. Alex from AlexRooke
7. Eleanor from EleanourClaudie
8. Lauren from TeaStainedLauren
9. Kate from KateeJessicaYoung
10.Jane from QueenOfQuirk

They are all lovely so definitely make sure to check their amazing blogs out!

And last but not least ( I never really got that saying...) are my 10 questions for my lovely nominees!

1. If you could travel one place in the world, where would it be?
2. What is your favourite animal and why?
3. What is your favourite memory as a kid?
4. Do you have any plans for the next year?
5. What is your favourite sweet? 
6. What is our favourite thing about blogging?
7. You have to live in a city for a whole year, which city would you pick?
8. Who is your favourite musician/ band? Why?
9. What is your most embarrassing moment (that you can share)?
10. What is your favourite pass time?

And that is it! Hope you have enjoyed this post and look forward to seeing you again on Wednesday!

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  1. Loved reading all your answers! I want to go see BFG soon, it sounds amazing xx

    1. Ah thank you thats so lovely! Hopefully we'll both get to see it soon!

  2. It's always good getting to know better the blogger!

    Mia x |

    1. Aw thank you! I love fining out new things about bloggers too!

  3. Loved reading this post and I will be sure to try and get my version up soon!!
    Hollie xx

  4. Great post! Thanks for the tag, can't wait to do it soon! I love your cats name, I used to look like boo when I was a little kid I thought I was her haha! Hope you are having a great time in Croatia so far.

    Rebecca xx

    1. Oh thats so cute! You'll have to share some photos! Haha! Croatia is so great, Im absoloutly loving it!

  5. Thanks for the tag, mines going up tomorrow! Loved reading this. x

    Kate xx

    1. Yay! Just about to head over to read yours now!

  6. Loved reading this, really want to see the BFG as well, hopefully will soon xx

    Sophie | Sophie's Spot

  7. I would love to see the BFG, so hopefully I will go and see it soon! Great post and wonderful blog lovely, I've followed your blog because of this! Keep up the great work!
    Chloe :)

    1. Thank you so much! That is so lovely to hear thank you!

  8. I hope you have a lovely time on holiday! My inspiration is probably no one, I love being myself! Great post as usual. X

    1. Aw thank yo so much! And thats so fab that you love yourself!


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