Glossy Box- July


Now I have to say that I have loved this month's Glossy Box. There hasn't been a single product that I haven't instantly love or been intrigued to try. I am sadly half way through my gift token which means I only have one more box to go but I can already see that I am slightly addicted and am really considering continuing it on after my three months are up! You can read my review of my first Glossy Box here which I talk more about what I plan to do over these three posts.

So the first product in this month's glossy box is a Hawaiian Tropic Island Berry Lip Gloss. I have to admit that I am not really a lipgloss girl and prefer the more matte look however I really wanted to try this one and it is definitely better than I was expecting! It didn't have that classic tackiness that lip glosses have that tend to glue your lips together and your hair always ends up stuck in it but his lipgloss had none of this which was great! It also has a very sweet and powerful smell which I am not too keen on however my mum loves it so it's definitely a personal preference! This product retails at £6.99.

The second item in the glossy box this month is the Icona Milano Emotion Allowed Mascara. My first impression when I was opening this was that it had no suction on it which is a little disappointing as that tends to mean it drys out quicker and you get too much of mascara on the brush. However, I thought that it gave a really nice coverage of mascara and think it could be built up for a more dramatic look. It says that this is a waterproof mascara although I didn't notice it whether or not it was harder to remove than my other mascaras so I'm not sure about this. This retails at £13.04.

The third product is the Hairon De-tangle Brush which is probably the thing I was most excited about! I used this when my hair was wet and dry and it worked really well on de-tangling my hair. It is also really compact so I think I will be keeping this in my bag as I always forget to take a brush with me when I'm out and about and never have one when I need it which is so annoying! This retails at £6.99 which I think that this is really good for a hair brush!

The fourth and final product (excluding the monthly discovery) is Blank Canvas F20 Flat Brush which is something I never thought would come in one of these boxes and is pretty amazing! I have never tried a flat top brush and tried to use this to apply liquid foundation but I prefer a denser brush than this one so I think it would be better for a cream or powder foundation but it is a lovely brush! This retail at £11.95 which is ,again, pretty good for a makeup brush.

The monthly discovery was the Utan and Tone Nourishing Night Creme. I haven't had a proper chance to really test his out but I have tried it once and I  will say, make sure you wash your hands after as they were a little orange in the morning! It didn't have a chance to develop on my face as it is a gradual tanner (although I'm not sure how it will work as you wash your face more times than you apply the cream so I don't know how it is meant to build up?) but what I love is that it doesn't smell like that typical tanning smell which isn't all that pleasant! I can't wait to try this product out more! this retails at £12.50.

So have you tried any of these glossy box treats?

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  1. Definitely think I'm going to have to give glossy box a try!! Great review.
    Hollie xx

    1. Thank you and you definitely should! Im going to be really sad when my subscription runs out!

  2. Amazing post, I really need to try it!
    Hope that you check my blog, I've followed you :D
    Mia x. |

    1. You should it is really great! Ill check out you blog now lovely!

  3. The hairon brush sounds really good! It seems perfect for holiday because it is quite small as well xx

    1. Yeah I've taken it with me to Scotland and its perfect as it barely takes up any space in my case!


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