June Glossy Box


So it seems that every beauty blogger or vlogger has a subscription to either the Birchbox, Glossy Box or Ispy and I am always curious as to whether or not they are really worth it as you are paying a reasonable amount of money on a gamble. as you do not know whether or not you are going to like the products they pick out for you however I was very kindle given a three month subscription to glossy box for my birthday from a family friend and am super excited to try it out! I think what I will do is write an over view for each months box, and then on the third month (which will be August) I will do a quick overview in the post on whether I think that the glossy box is a good investment.

When I first signed on to the three month subscription, they asked me a few questions on things like my hair colour, skin type and a few others, which made me think that each month, the boxes would be catered to you specific needs however I don't think this is true as everyone received the same products so not too sure what these questions are for, although it does make you more involved in the whole concept. After this I waited for my box to arrive and it arrived quite quickly (maybe only 4 or 5 days after I ordered it) so I was really impressed with their service.

This first product is the glossy box monthly discovery according to their beauty news letter and is from a company called Spa to You. It is a sponge made from natural fibre and a vegetable root that is meant to be very good at holding water. I have to say it is incredibley soft and ,although I have yet to try it, looks as though it would be very good at taking away and dead skin but still leaving you skin moisturised and soft. I am also quite impressed with the price at on £6.99 which is actually cheaper than what most normal face sponges cost and a lot of those I have found to be too ruff on my skin and actually irritates my spots instead of helping them. 

This second product is a full size bottle of the Ladival sun protecting spray. I think this month had a slight sun time theme with it as there is a second summer lotion which you can see down below, and i was again shocked that something of such good quality would be in one of these boxes, as this is said to protect against four different types of UV rays and is £19.99. You will defiantly be getting your moneys worth if you like the products. I never seem to have any sun cream when I need and in the past have only really used low protecting sprays in a desperate attempt to get a tan. However I have now come to the realisation that this is something I shall never have and have resulted to the gradual tan option instead; something that is probably much safer as well!

Now, having just said that I never tan, the only time a get a hint of colour is after getting horrible burns from where I missed the suncream which always seems to happen to me no matter how precise I am, so after sun is definitely one of my best friends when ever I am abroad. When I first smelled this cream I got so excited as it the smell of summer. That classic suncream smell that is so lovely and hmmm. Whenever I get a waft, it instantly makes me think of holidays abroad when I was younger. And can we just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful packaging! It really is lovely and the fact that is is french doesn't hurt one bit!

This product is by Emite Makeup and is a lip and cheek tint. I have to say that I am not a huge fan of these two in one products as I find that they don't tend to work very well, especially on you lips. I haven't used this product much as the colour is a little bit too much for my pale skin tone however my mum tried it and she has a much darker complexion and it suited her much better. I am also not a huge fan on the smell but that is easy to get over! If you like liquid blushers then be sure to give this ago as it is relatively affordable at £12.50 and a really nice colour for those with more tanned skin.

I haven.t had the chance to use these yet and thinking they might be a good idea to use before or after prom (not sure yet when I'll probably need it the most!) but it says that they are soaked in a vitamin rich serum meant to reduce puffiness and dark circles, something I drastically need after finished all those exams!

And finally, the bonus product for this months box is the Aussie hair care 3 minute miracle reconstructor. My mum and I use Aussie shampoo and conditioners quite often and I do think that they are very good quality and would recommend them to anyone. They have quite a large range so I'm sure there is a product there for any type of hair. I have quite high hopes for this but am going to save it for after I go on holiday as, since my hair is already quite fried, I think it will need that extra little boost by the end!

So that's a little round up of all the products in the June Glossy Box and I hope that you have found ti helpfull! Have you got a Glossy Box subscription and what did you think?

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  1. What a lovey post! I'd love to have a little Glossybox treat each month, but I too am a little concious as you dont know the products- I guess it's a bit like my Graze box? Lovely post, and interesting new products! Also well done on exams- I still have one left tomorrow! Lydia Eve, www.lydia-eve.blogspot.co.uk xx

    1. Good luck! And I was the same which is why I think getting a little three month prescription is great just to try it out!

  2. I have never had a box subscription but it seems quite good! I love the idea of getting a box of treats in the post each month! x

    Erin // Everything Erin

    1. It is such a lovely idea and I did get very excited when it arrived!

  3. Lovely post! I can't wait to see more of these posts xx


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