At the moment, with what seems like never ending exams, summer feels like what I am living for. The idea of all the things that I can do, all the worries and stresses I won't have, not forgetting that extra long holiday, keeps me going. I know a lot of people are in a similar situation or are maybe looking forward to a holiday get away or some time off work, so I thought I would do this post on the little things that I am looking forward to when I finish in under a month! It seems slightly unreal that I have nearly finished high school! So anyway, before I get too side tracked, I'll get started!


Recently I have had no time to read anything that isn't related to school which is really annoying as reading is something that I have always loved,even when I was child. I have a lot of classics that I want to get through which I got for Christmas (I know... I really need to get reading!) and some children's classics that I have been wanting to read for such a long time! I got this beautiful copy of Watership Down for my last birthday and am still to read it- so I will definitely be getting on with that! The illustrations are amazing and I'll probably be admiring those for quite a while when I read it!

I got really into blogging and taking it much more seriously during the last Easter break however, with exams taking priority, I feel like I haven't been able to put in as much time into my blog as I would have liked. This summer I want to spend more time working on it and growing it. I am surprised at how much I have loved blogging- the best bit is receiving all of your lovely comments and knowing that people are actually reading what I write and find it helpful! I don't think I have ever been as excited as I was when I got my first comment! It was truly great. If you guys have anything that you think I could do to help improve and grow my blog- I would love to hear your ideas!

Getting Fit

As said in a previous post, I have never been the healthiest person so always just had what I wanted but recently I have been more conscience of what I have been eating and what exercise I have been doing. Every summer I say that this is the year I am going to tone up and stick to it but I am yet to really get into it. However this year I feel more motivated, especially with starting kick boxing. I feel like this is the push I need to get my act together! 
I also want to start eating more healthy food. Recently I have been looking up foods to include and different recipes for each meal but am struggling to find the time to fit it into my routine. I think it would be easier to properly start when I have more time to plan and figure out what food are best and what I like, which I can then adapt to fit into my school routine next year ( Ah not ready to think about that yet!).

Keeping Busy
During the summer, I have that terrible issue of taking that luxury of not having to do any work and instead becoming very bored with nothing to do. This year I want to have little adventures just keep me up and busy. Nothing much, just little walks to places I have never been before or visiting places that I wouldn't normally go to. Obviously I will have the much needed rest days but not spend weeks on end just sitting around. 
I am also going to V-festival for the first time this year which I am so excited about and can't wait! I am going with a few girls from school who I don't know too well but hopefully this will be a great time to get to know them better and have a bit of fun!
Finally, and probably my most exciting thing, is I am going on holiday with my dad and brother to Dubrovnik in Croatia which looks beautiful. It looks like the perfect place to go exploring and find nice little benches to have a read of my book and I am so excited! I also think it is where they filmed some of the Game of Thrones series, which my brother is looking forward to seeing!

This is a little bit of a ramble post but I hope you have liked it!
What are your plans for the summer?

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  1. I'm so jealous that you don't have to work! Definatly make as many plans as you can, whilst you still can! :D
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