So it is time. The brownies from beauty and brownies are here! Now I have to admit that this isn't my own recipe and is based on one I got from a website called Baking Mad which is a really great website for all those who love sweet things! I have changed the sugar I used as this was just more convenient for me. This brownies are amazing and I often make them for my work where I make the teas for a local cricket club and they always go down a treat! They are actually really easy (or they're meant to be if you don't forget anything like I did...) and taste delicious. I know a lot of people won't like this post as it is definitely not the healthy option but I don't personally believe that you should cut out everything that is bad for you and it is fine to treat yourself once in a while! So, with that said, lets get on with the recipe!

3 Eggs
350g Dark Chocolate
200g Butter
250g Brown Sugar
50g Self Raising Flour

So the first thing I would do is whisk up the eggs. I would definitely recommend a standing mixer or at least an electric one as this can take a while. You want to eggs to be super fluffy with lots of air in it - this is what will give you the volume for the brownies so you want to get this as voluminous as you can. Whilst you are doing this you want to melt the chocolate and butter all together. You can either do this over a pan of boiling water or just bung it in the microwave. I would go with the latter as it is much quicker with less washing up! 
After the eggs are fully whipped, you want to add the sugar and whisk it all together so that it is all combined. Then you want to fold in the chocolate/butter mixture. Don't over work this as you want to keep as much of those air bubbles in the mix- but do make sure that you do mix all of the chocolate in! Now this is the bit that I may or may not have left out which is so annoying as it may be one of the most important step... ADD THE FLOUR!!  I cannot believe that I managed to forget this! The flour is what gives the brownies that gooey and delicious texture. I had my brownies in the oven for 25 minutes and when I took it out it was just runny sauce. I had to remix it all and add the flour - thankfully they still worked!
So finally (once ALL the ingredients have been added) you want to put it into a baking tray that is lined with baking parchment. I do this my having a long strip that covers the bottom and comes up the front and back side so that it is really easy to remove afterwards. 
Cook for around 25-30 minutes. A tip would be to take it out when the top looks cooked but it is still a bit jiggly. I could never cook brownies as I always thought that they were never cooked so cooked them for much longer then they needed which meant that they were much drier and all horrible so don't do this!
Once cool, cut the brownies however you want to - using some biscuit cutters can make them really fun especially if you have made them for a themed party! And voila! You are done!

I really hope you have liked this and have fun making it! I always think the best bit is when you get to lick the bowl! Hmmmmm ... 

What is you favourite sweet treat? 

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  1. I've never made brownies before, but I will definitely give this recipe a try. These look so delicious! :)

    1. You really should they are the best and its so easy!

  2. These brownies look amazing! Anything with chocolate is a hit with me! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  3. These. look. like. heaven....... I'm eating with my eyes as I type!

    Denton & Lou

    1. Hahahaha! They are reeeaaalllyyy good!

  4. Soo yummy !

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  5. I love brownies, but it is hard for me to make them, thanks for sharing the recipe xoxo

    1. That was the same with me - I could never get them right but this recipe is so easy hopefully they'll work!

  6. These look absolutely delicious

    1. They really are! You should definalty try them!


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