So I had my first exam last Tuesday and I thought that it might be good time to write some tips on how to prepare yourself and stay on top of things!

My first tip would be to take any spare time to your advantage. At the moment we have a lot of lessons dedicated to revising and a lot of the time it's tempting to just use that time to have a good gossip and mess about- I know my friends and I did this for the first few lessons! This time is actually really valuable and you can get a lot done. I come back for the day and start to panic on how little revision I've done but then remember that actually, I've already done 4 hours.

My second tip is to get organised. I am be no means the most organised person in the world but just having a little bit of a plan can really help to keep on top of things. When you only have a few days left until your exams, I don't think having a revision time table very helpful as it will be changing all the time. To be honest, I have never really found these very helpful but found a way to work around it. I printed some calender print offs and written the subjects I should be revising based on how long I have until my exam. This helps me but it is all about finding what works for you. Maybe you would suit making a list the night before of the things that have to be done (but remember to not over plan as no one can do the impossible!), or maybe you do find revision time tables helpful, or you might like to give your self a block of time to do some revising but plan on the day what to do. 

My third and final tip is to not worry- espesicaly about what other people are doing! Again, everyone is different. Some people will need to do more revision, some less, some won't have the same goals as you and so on. If you are too worried about what other people are doing, compairing it to what you are doing, there is no way you are going to be able to focus on what you need to do in order to achieve your goals. That is what is important. I know I need to use this advice more often and tend to tell this to my friends more than myself, but when you feel yourself getting wound up and start to over think things, take a deep breath (sounds cliche I know!) and tell your self to calm down; to not think about all the negatives and start telling your self that you can actually do it, because you probably can! You wouldn't get so worked up about it in the first place if you didn't really care! Just keep a rational head and trust yourself. 

So I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it helpful. So long as you are prepared you will be fine! If you liked this post please comment below and good luck with your exams! You will be great!

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  1. I'm only in year 9 now but these tips will help me! Great post xx

    1. I'm really glad! Thank you so much! Just keep believing in you and it'll work out!


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