It wasn't until quite recently that I actually started to properly cleans my face every night - the majority of the time I didn't even bother to take my make up off. Now I know a lot of you will be horrified by this but I always saw it as an unnecessary inconvenience. However now, I have to do it an completely see why it is so wrong to not wash you face! It is strange how after only 4 months of properly cleansing my face it has become a must in my nightly routine. I began to properly wash my face when I was given the Clinic 3-Step Skin Care routine for Christmas last year, which I will get into later on, and I had to follow a routine in order for it to work and it seems to have stuck! 
So I'll now talk to you a bit about the products that I have been liking these last few months.

As you can see this is a well used product. This is a cleansing oil that I use to remove all of my makeup and general grime from through out the day, so my cleanser can really clean my skin. I think that this is a really great product and would recommend it to anyone who likes cleansing oil. I was actually surprised at how inexpensive this product it as I know a lot oils are much more expensive and ,although I have never tried any of them, I can't imagine what else they will do that this one doesn't. It removes all of my make up - even water proof and leaves my skin feeling nice and clean. I don't use wipes to remove my makeup as I think that they aren't actually that good for your skin as they just wipe your make up around you face instead of removing it - they also tug on your skin which is not good for it in the long run. I have had this for a good 2 months and is only now starting to run low. You only need one pump meaning that you really get your moneys worth! 

This is the first product in the Clinique 3-step range and it is really good! In the 3-Step range you get three travel style bottles, one is a cleanser, the second is a liquid exfoliater and the third is a moisturiser. I think that these are great as they have lots of different ones to suit different skin types, which I'll talk more about below, but it means everyone can find one that works for them. The little bottles last about a month before they begin to run out but since I really loved them I wanted to get the full size ones. The only thing I will say is that they are very pricey which is why I only have the full size bottle in the cleanser. I am trying to stagger out buying the others in full size just to make the costings a bit easier. However, this cleanser just makes your skin feel so fresh and clean it is amazing and defiantly one you should try if you are struggling with spots, as although mine haven't completely cleared up, I do think that they have improved.

This is the moisturising gel from their range and is in one of the smaller sizes that they do. I originally had the moisturising cream when I had my little set but I find creams to be quite heavy and suffocating on my skin as I have a combination of skin types. My forehead can get quite dry and itchy where as my nose and chin get very oily and my cheeks are quite normal. This means that I do need some sort of moisturiser but I put very little on and need quite a light consistency. This is why I like the gel as it is much lighter on my skin but still moisturising for my forehead. This is what I was saying about before, there is something for everyone, no matter what your skin type is. 
I am now waiting to get the exfoliater as Clinique say that this is the most important step of their range and I have noticed that my skin has got slightly worse since I stopped using it.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this and found it helpful! Comment below your favourite products to use in you night time routine and whether or not you thing they help! 

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