So today has been a really lovely, sunny day and a great way to start off May. I thought I would do a quick post on the three perfumes I have been liking the most these past few months and the ones I've been loving to wear on these rare, warm days. I say perfumes but I also have a body mist thrown in too as I wear it just as often, if not more, then the other perfumes. I'm not sure if you can still get some of these as I got them quite a while ago but I would recommend the brands to anyone so you should check them out.
Hope you enjoy and please comment below the perfumes and body sprays that you like the most and you favourite place to buy them! 

My first perfume is an oldy but a goody and, I think is actually the first perfume I ever got! Sadly, I don't think that you can get this anymore as it is quite old but they do some really nice perfumes that you should check out! It is strong but is also quite a soft scent that is not over powering, just gives you a nice scent that lasts for a really long time. I don't wear this very often but whenever I do, I always get loads of complements, so it is definitely one I'll be wearing more often and want to get more use out of.

Now I feel that everyone must have had a Victoria Secret body mist one time or another, especially last year when it was seen as a must have, well at least at my school it was. I have three of these sprays as they were on offer when I first went in the get the vanilla one called Vanilla Lace, which my friend had and it smelt amazing! This was obviously my favourite to begin with however, I i used this one on whim one day but I just really loved it! It is i very sweat smell so you can't over do it or it is way too over powering but just a few sprays makes a really nice, refreshing fragrance that I love and think suits me quite well. This is one I don't think they sell any more as when I last went to the shop, all the scents had changed and I could find this one anywhere.

I got this DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom perfume for Christmas one year and it took me a while for me to really love it however it has really grown on me. Its is such a refreshing scent that just makes everything fresher and lighter. Maybe I didn't like it because I got it in the winter and it is not a winter fragrance but it is now one of my favourite perfumes for the summer. It is another quite sweet smell but it is not as over powering as the Victoria Secrets spray above. 

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