So today I thought I would do a post of all the things I have bought recently! I would just like to say that I am definitely not a fashion blogger so apologies for the photos but I couldn't find any other way of showing you the clothes! I hope you enjoy and please comment below if you would like to see similar posts!

I got this dress from New Look when I was over in Guernsey (which you can read about here!) and I had been eyeing these dresses up for a while but never really had the confidence to go out and buy one. I always felt that you had to have a certain look in order to pull these off and I would never have anything to wear with it. However, although I haven't had many chances to wear this dress, I do think that I have quite a few tops that I could wear now I have had it a while! I also think that it is actually super easy thing to wear and it looks like you have your own style and individuality without having to put much thought behind it,

I got this dress on a bit of an impulse buy, which I did say to myself I wasn't going to do anymore since I always seem to regret it later. However when I saw the colour of this dress I had to have it! It doesn't show up very well on camera but in real life it is more of a bottle green which is so nice and not something I would normally go for! It is also so comfy so I wear it when I want to look nice but be comfy at the same time.

I love this top! I got this a few weeks ago when I went shopping with some of my friends in H&M and I have worn it so much that I decided to go back and get another one in black. It is so comfy but the box shape makes it a bit more fashionable and stylish. I got it in a bigger size than I normally would as I just like how it looks!

When I went away, I had a complete packing fail and managed to only bring one pair of jeans which is not enough for a week! I was in need of some new jeans anyway so I went on the search for some and found these and M&S. These are actually jeggings which makes them really comfy and fit really nicely. I tend to have the problem with jeans being way to tight on my legs but falling down all the time at my waist but these are actually really good! They are also quite high which I like as I tend to wear a lot of crop tops but I prefer not to have my stomach on show!

I have been in need for a new bag for so long as, to be honest with you, I am not really a bag person and the only ones have my school bag and another smaller bag which I had to leave in Scotland last Christmas due to over packing my suitcase...So, when I went to Westfield last weekend, it was made a mission to buy myself a bag. We were beginning to give up until I spotted this bag in Top Shop. It was £55 which is not something I can really afford but it is a really good quality bad and I really love it! It is made from a suade material and it feels really sturdy so I can carry a lot in it without it feeling like it is going to break! I also like the fact that it has two straps which means that I can wear it as a more casual bag or slightly less casual (if you get what I mean!).

Now, I have wanted a Mac lipstick for so long and I can't believe that it has taken this long to finally get one! This is in the shade Mehr and I absolutely love it! It is one of their matte shades which I have heard can be a bit too matte and tug on the lips but this is so creamy and lovely that it doesn't really feel like you are wearing anything at all. I also think that it is a really unique colour as it is quite pink but also has a purple undertone and is still quite a neutral colour.

This had to be the most exciting part of this haul... The shoes. As I am sure many of you know, it is prom in a month or two which means shoes have to be bought! Unlike most people who spend most of their money on the dress and little on their shoes, I decided to go for the expensive shoes instead! Although, on the day we got these they has a 25% sale which was great! These are the most beautiful shoes I have ever owned and they look so elegant and stunning, plus they go really well with my dress which is great and I can't wait to wear them!

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  1. I love the shoes and I also recently picked up Mac Mehr for my prom lippy! I hope you have a lovely time and that exams are going okay for you! Lydia Eve, xx

    1. Ohhh that will look great!!!! I had a bit of a night mare with the shoes as they were different sizes! Luckily it's all sorted now few! Hope you have a good time at prom!


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