I wear reds all year round as I think that it is one of my favourite colour to wear, never mind the season, the time of day or week. Since I am not technically meant to wear nail polish at school and red are is not the most subtle colour, I almost always have a shade of red in my toes, just to keep a little bit of red! 


This red is a very deep, apple red that looks stunning. It is called 853 Rouge Massai Masai Red. This deep red is something i normally wear in the winter and autumn months however I think that it looks good all year round which means that I had to include it these top summer reds!

This polish is your more classic red and is much brighter then the previous one. It is called 08 Pirate and, again, is something I would wear at any time of the year. But the fact that it is quite bright makes it really nice to wear in the summer on a nice hot day.

This colour is another very bright colour called Aperitif, that could be a dupe for the Chanel one above if you don't want to spend quite so much money, but it does have a slight orange undertone that is really pretty as it is not really bright and in you face. It also makes it more summerey as it is not a red that I would typically wear in any other season.

This is another very deep red that looks really great in the evening as well as in the day time and is called Thigh High. It is has quite a lot of sparkle in this polish and although it isn't very chunky, it is very noticeable so if you don't like this look then maybe another colour would be better. But I think that this is really nice for the summer! 

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