In spring and summer, my favourite colour to wear on my nails is pink. It is not really a colour I tend to wear any other time of the year but I seem to always be drawn to it during these (slightly) warmer months. So I thought I would share with you my favourite pinks to wear during the spring and summer months. I am thinking of making this into a mini series with two other posts about the other shades I love to wear in spring and summer so stay tuned. Hope you enjoy and if you like this idea please comment!


This is the shade I wear day to day as I think that it is a really subtle nude but it doesn't look like your missing your nails, which is something no one wants! It is in the shade 281 Classy by Revlon. It is a very old nail polish, so I don't think that you can get this from the Revlon website or in stores but I have managed to find it else where like on amazon and other online sellers. I wear this to school as it is not a very noticeable colour which is great since I'm not really meant to wear any! The only thing I will say is that it takes forever to set and it chips really easily, so if you like your polish to stay on all week, this may not be for you; although I don't know if this is because it's so old or the brand itself.

My next pink shade is the shade Peach Daiquiri from Essie. This pink is a very luminous pink that would really complement a tan but it also looks great on paler skin (like mine!). I tend to wear this if I am abroad in a nice, hot country as I really love supper bright nail polish when I'm on holiday for some reason!

This is the shade Too Too Hot again by Essie and is very similar to Peach Daiquiri but a couple of shades darker with a slight red undertone. I would say that you probably don't need both in you collection but if you just love nail polish, then why not! This shade is really nice to wear in the day aswell as going out in the morning as it is darker then the previous one. I would also recommend it if you like to wear red but want to start wearing brighter pinks and don't want to start with a really luminous colour like Peach Daiquiri.

This Dior nail polish is 753 Rouge Maya Mayan Red. In real life, the polish looks quite pink in the bottle however when painted on, it looks more like the colour that it looks in this picture below so it's quite a strange one. This is definitely a red but has a light pink undertone and I feel it is more suited for evening wear then day time as it is quite a deep red.

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