The colour blue is one of my favourite colours and I think that there is a shade for any occasion. I tend to only wear blue nail polish in the summer months as, for me, I think it suits warm, sunny days, especially the lighter shades. So for those who like blues, here are my top four that I would recommend!


Okay, so this first colour is not really a blue at all... However I love this colour by Marks and Spencer called Slate, and it does have quite a cool undertone. It is a quite dark grey that is just a really cool colour to wear and not something I see very many people wearing. It has only really been recently that I have been really liking this colour and am thinking of getting another grey that is slightly warmer and lighter so if anyone has any recommendations please comment!

Now I love this colour so much! It is called Trophy Wife by Essie and is such a unique colour that I have never seen anywhere else. It is a turquoise, peacock blue that has quite a lot of sparkle in it, similar to the other Essie polish I talked about in my previous post which you can read here! So again if you don't like sparkly nail polish then this may not be for you but I would recommend it anyway as i just love the colour so much!

I have had this Barry M nail polish for so long and Barry M is actually my most popular brand of nail polish. I think this is mainly because of the price of the product is really good for the quality you get. I am not saying that they are going to last for weeks on end but you are able to get a good, longish lasting finish. This is a really nice, baby blue called Blue Moon, that looks great in summer. I will say that you do have to do a minimum of three coats in order to get a solid colour as it is very translucent.

This colour is 240 B Girl from the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail range and ,I have to say they, they do last for a really long time! It is a very similar colour to the one above but just slightly brighter and more blue then white. It is more expensive at £9.99 per polish which is a lot for a drug store polish. However, you only need one coat, two tops, and it last for a whole week with out any chips at all, so if you want a good quality nail polish this is definitely a brand to try!

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