For me, I find styling my hair long and boring and can never be bothered to spend hours working on the perfect curl when it just falls flat half an hour later. Especially on school days. This means I tend to either plat my hair the night before or stick it up into a bun or pony tail. I got my hair cut about six or seven months ago into a long bob (or a 'lob as it's now called), thinking that this would be easier to handle and there was no point having long hair if I just had it up the whole time - to be honest,  I was just a bit bored. In some ways, this has helped as I do think I style my hair and wear it down more often. 

However, I do still have to style it and I was given two products to help manage and speed up the styling time! They were actually the products that my hair dresser used on my hair (which is why they are both by the same brand) the day she cut then curled it (I didn't ask for the curls but she just started so I couldn't see the finished cut which was slightly annoying!); the curls lasted right up to the next evening when I washed it! So I actually asked what she used and these were the only two products and I haven't tried anything else since.

The first product is Matrix Oil Wonders Flash Blow Dry Oil. This is an oil which you spray onto the ends of your hair to help dry your hair quicker. It also makes it really smooth and easy to style after. I also find that it helps for hair styles to keep in place. For example if I curl my hair after I use this I don't need to use any hair spray and the curls will stay it for almost the whole day which never happens with my hair so that's always a nice positive for me!

The second product is the Matrix Exquisite Oil which is your basic oil that you can put on before you wash your hair, before you dry your hair or after. I think that this gives my hair a nice finish and stops my hair from being super frizzy and helps to keep it nice and straight for longer! 

There is one thing that is wrong with these products as, here in the UK they are very hard to get hold of. I got mine from a salon and was told that there are very few places that hold these products here however my mum managed to find a place that sold them on Amazon so check there out if you are looking at getting these products but your local hair salon doesn't stock them! This is an American brand so I think that if you are in the USA you can get these products quite easily.

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