So I love jewellery and love finding new pieces to add to my collection. The main things I wear are rings and earring as they are the only things you are allowed to wear at school (although I have to admit I bend the rule of being allowed only one plain ring and one plain stud in each ear) so I tend to wear them all the time.

I have four rings that's I tend to wear day to day ,three on my left and one on my right. I got my first ring from my mum for my 14th birthday from Pandora and I still wear it whenever I have my rings on. i like its simplicity but still has a bit of character with the single heart being gold. 

I got my second ring with some of the money I got from my dad the following Christmas and I remember liking two of the rings and thoroughly debating which one to get although now I can't even remember what the other ring looked like so I suppose I went with the right choice!! This one doesn't go with many other rings ,that I can find, so I keep it nice and simple and leave it on my
middle finger with no other rings.

My third and final Pandora ring is one I bought relatively recently (although now I think about it was at the end of last summer!) and was on a bit of a whim and one my mum somehow managed to persuade me into buying when she was looking the a ring for herself. I think this one goes with many of the other rings as it is quite simple and stacks well with others. It is a very small a plain ring but
goes well with anything and looks lovely and dainty on anyone! 

My fourth and final ring is one I got very recently in the Camden market (which I mentioned in a precious post which you can check out here!) and it was something that I had been looking for for such a long time! I love the way geometric rings look on thumbs; it may sound a bit weird but what can I say! I think that they look very unique so when I saw this, and it was only £12, I had to get it! It was from a lovely little stall with beautiful little pieces but I can't remember the name however I'm sure if you go to the market you'll easily be able to find it somewhere as they have lots of beautiful little jewellery stalls all around there, roughly in the same area. 

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