Recently, I have been trying to to eat healthier and get fitter. I started to research healthy foods that i could eat for lunch, breakfast or just as general snacks. I'll admit that I am not a breakfast person and find it a very boring meal and would be quite happy to just have a biscuit or nothing at all. So I really wanted to find some alternatives that would be quick, healthy and taste good all at the same time.
I came across these pancakes a few times when looking on different channels and websites so I thought I might as well give them ago, although I was slightly sceptical  as to how can a just two healthy ingredients, substitute something that is so unhealthy but delicious?  However I was pleasantly surprised! I wouldn't say that they taste like pancakes however they are tasty and I would definitely eat them again and recommend them to anyone looking for an easy breakfast that is slightly more interesting then your normal toast and butter!
So, with out further ado, lets get onto the recipe!

1 Ripe Banana
2 Eggs
1/8tsp Baking Powder (Optional)
Berries ( I chose blueberries and raspberries)
Greek yogurt
Plus anything else that you like on your pancakes!

First, mash the banana until it becomes very liquidy, there are no large lumps and it becomes quite fluffy. Here, add the baking powder if you want to have nice, fluffy pancakes which I did and I think it did actually work! Then add the eggs. You can either whisk them in a separate bowl or put them straight in with the banana and whisk until the mixture all comes together and there is a lot of air within the mixture. i chose the later as i foudn this easier and quicker. Finally, on a medium heat, melt some butter or oil (if you want to be supper healthy you can use some coconut oil instead) and pour you pancake in! I kept them quite small becasue they are quite hard to flip which I think is because they are more delicate then normal pancakes and broke when they were too big. Flip the pancakes once the bottom is turning slightly brown and the sides are beginning to look cooked. Then, last of all, pile them all up into one large pile, cover in your chosen toppings and enjoy!

Hope you found this helpful and enjoyed your pancakes!

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