Over the Easter, I went to visit my dad who lives on the little island called Guernsey which is also where I was born and lived until I was 5 years old. I go here quite often to visit and at this time of the year is not the most exiting, but I thought I would just tell you a little bit about it!

I didn't do too much as it was quite chilly and I was taking a little break from all the stresses of school and exams so I didn't want to do too much, but I did go for a lovely walk through Candie Gardens. It is quite small but had some of the most beautiful and vibrant flowers I've seen this year and it was lovely to see the signs of spring finally appearing!

On the last day we decided to go for an ice cream down at one of the beaches on the west side of the island and, although it was a beautiful and sunny day, it was so cold! And the ice cream just made it worse but I think it was worth it as it is so good! I had the traditional Guernsey ice cream with one of those waffle cones. I'm not really a cone person as I think the thinner ones taste weird but I do like the waffle ones!!

We also went to the Mallard which is Guernsey's one and only cinema and is is tiny! They have 4 screens that fit about 30 people in each! We saw the film called '10 Cloverfield Lane' which was okay. Not the worst film ever but not the best. If you like tense and sci fi films then you will probably like this as my brother and dad liked it but it wasn't for me. 
And finally, it was nice to see my dad's cat Jasper who is now 18 years old!! although, I do think he is looking pretty good for his old age! 

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