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So I keep seeing new and old makeup that I've always wanted to try but for some reason have never gotten round to buying. For some of them, I saw a picture and instantly wanted just because they looked so beautiful and I had to have them, others are because I've seen so many amazing reviews that I have to try it for myself and so if they really are that good, and some I feel you just have to have if you love make-up! I hope you enjoy and comment of you have any and what you think and any makeup you want to get this year!!

1. Peanut Butter and Jelly Eye Shadow Collection  - Too Faced
I LOVE this palette!!!! I knew I wanted this before I even saw the eye shadows as I think this has to be the one of the best name for a palette in the whole universe! Then when I actually saw the colours I was sold! They are a mixture of mattes and shimmer and are all warm orange and browns (except one bright purple that looks like it would be perfect to add a pop of colour to any look!). It has everything that I could ever want in a palette! This retails at £27 and will be the first high end palette I buy this year!

2. Colour Pop 
Now I haven't specified an actual product here but I there are so many product that I want from this brand!! I first saw the swatches of the Super Shock Shadows which look AMAZING! The pigments look so good and the payoff is unbelievable! I obviously don’t know whether they really will be as good as they look but for the price ($5 per eyeshadow) it is something I have to have! And there is also the lippie sticks, highlighters and blushes that I want to try when I get the chance. 

3. Chocolate Bar - Too faced
I have wanted this for around a year now and can’t wait until I get my hand on it! When I first saw this palette I immediately wanted it but as, at the time, I wasn't very good with eyeshadows and felt that it was too much money to spend on something I was unlikely to use. However I think that now eyeshadows are becoming one of my favourite but if makeup! 

4. Naked Palette - Urban Decay 
This has been a palette I have wanted ever since I started getting into makeup a few years ago but I still haven’t gotten it! This is something that I feel everyone who loves makeup needs to have as everyone talks about it and it is a staple in so many people's makeup collection. I just want to try it and see if it really as good as people say. A friends of mine got the palette for her birthday and says I have to get it as it really is that amazing!

5. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick
The packaging of these lipsticks have to be the most beautiful things I have ever seen! I don’t know which colour I want as they are all so beautiful and I love when all ten are in the beautiful Charlotte Tilbury box. They have a wide range from nudes to reds and they have a really deep purple called Glastonbury which I really want to get and I think might be the first one I get! They are quite pricey retailing at £23 which is similar to other high end lipsticks but it is still something I can't quite justify to buy at the moment but they will definitely be on my birthday list!

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