This palette is great for those who want to start experimenting with eyeshadow but don't want to spend lots of money on a high end palette that they're not even sure they'll like - I know I was like this and still am for some products. I love the packaging and think that it looks very young and modern with the bright pink writing. I also like that the lid is clear which means that you can see the shadows however this means that it doesn't have a mirror which may be a downfall for some people but for me I have so many other products that have mirrors, it's not a necessity for me and for the price you can't really complain. I will also say that, I suspect because it is so cheap, the plastic scratches very easily and was already when I bought it, as well as all the other palettes they had. 

The colour pigment is very good for the price and you are able to get very good pay off with little product, especially the dark, matte shades. However I found that when I was using the shadows they were quite powdery (especially the matte shades) which made it difficult to avoid fall down when applying them and found my whole face was covered in the shadows. This also meant you can't get a very precise look as all the shades tending to merge with one another so not the best for those people who want layers and depth to their shadows. but it is great for a rougher look that is great for those who have a slightly shakier hand!!

The look above is just what I came up with when playing about with the shadows. I would just like to say I am no where near the standard of a makeup artist but would say I manage to pull together a pretty decent look. I used mainly the pinker shades which are a mixture of mattes and shimmers and they both blend pretty well and have similar colour pay off. In case you wanted to know how I did this look, I used the lighter pink colour (second from the left, top row) and i then used the pinkish /taupe colour (third form the left, top row) in my crease ,but it was kind of lost in the other shadows as I don't think it was as pigmented, and then i used the purple/pink shimmer (third from the right, top row) on the outer edge of the eye to add some depth. i used the cream shade (first on the left, top row) just to highlight in my inner corners and on my brow bone just to finish off the look. It is a very simple look but would be great for pretty much any occasion.

This palette retail for £3.99 and is limited edition with the Makeup Revolution I heart Makeup range. as you can see this is a very reasonable price that you can't really go wrong with! 

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