I now have three of these lip-glosses and I have to say they are pretty great! I love liquid lipsticks and are my favourite type of lipstick to wear. However they are very pricey and it’s hard for anyone to grow their collection without spending half a fortune. To be honest, I can’t afford to spend £20-30 every time I feel the need for a new lipstick (never mind how much I want to!) and these are a great alternative! 

There are 16 shades available in these glosses ranging from pinky nudes to dark purples. I have three of the more pink shades and am hoping to grow that collection very soon! The only think I have to say about this product that really annoys me is that they are marketed as a 'matte lip-gloss' but I don’t think you can really get a matte lip-gloss as, for me anyway, a gloss has to be glossy. They dry matte and lasts like a liquid lipstick which makes them, to me, a liquid lipstick! All they need to do it change their marketing and I’ll be perfectly happy!

These lipsticks are slightly sticky when pressing my lips together however it is not so bad that i find it annoying and can easily look past it and it doesn’t disrupt how they look on the lips. However if any kind of tackiness annoys you then they may not be the best. They also last quite a long time and have no transfer when I drink or eat (unless it is very oily food which will remove the product) and I managed to go a whole night only to reapply when the colour was coming away from the inside of my lip which is something I find happens with all lipsticks. 

This first colour I got was called 'Dreamy' and I had been looking for, what I thought this shade was, for a long time. I had watched some lip swatches on YouTube and really loved the colour and immediately ordered it online. I was so excited to try it but when I actually applied it to the lips it was completely different to what I was expecting! On all the swatches I saw, it was a really pretty, soft, muted pink but when tried on mine it was a very dark pink/peach colour. I don’t know if that was just because I got a dodgy pick or if this is the actual colour somehow... I still really like the colour and it is very pretty so I wear it quite a lot so I didn’t return it or anything but I am a bit disappointed that it wasn’t the colour I was after! Has anyone else had this problem before? 

The next two colours I only recently got just a few days ago and haven’t had the chance to properly wear them but I do love the colours! These two actually look like the shades I was hoping for! The first one is called 'Fleur' which is French for flower. It is a dark peach colour, again possibly darker than the swatches I saw, and is such a nice colour! The only thing I will say about this is that it is streakier than the other two and you will have to apply more than one coat to get a solid colour.

The final colour I have is called 'Bazaar' and I really love this colour! I don’t normally wear pinks that really stand out but this is a great one to start easing myself into more pinkish shades. This is a quite deep pink which makes it more wearable then some of your brighter shades but is defiantly a pink. It is probably more of a night time shade than the other two that are more neutral but someone could defiantly pull it off during the day time!

Over all I think that theses matte lip-glosses are a must have if you love liquid lipsticks but can’t afford to keep up with the highly priced product. They retail at £4.99 (or $5 in the USA) so they are really something you can’t pass up! 

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