I would have to say that these cupcakes are my absolute favourite cakes I have every made! At the moment, it may not be the right season for them, as I always think of Christmas when I have anything cinnamon, but they are the perfect thing to warm up these cold march days.

For the Cakes:

First things first, you have to pre-heat the oven to 170°C (maybe slightly lower if you have a fan oven) and place 12 cupcake cases into a tin. The cases I used were acutely slightly too big for my tin so they crinkled a little when I filled them but I think they're really pretty so I can look past that!! Then you want to measure all your ingredients and place all of them into one big bowl. I think these are the easiest cake to make as you can just put everything in a bowl and mix it together all at once and don't have to bother with creaming the butter first and all that other stuff!
Then fill them up about three quarters full (normally about one tablespoon)
Place in the oven for around 30 minutes, checking every so often as every oven may be slightly different.

For the Topping:

You'll need 300ml of whipping (or double) cream. Whip the cream (preferably with an electric mixer as it can take around 5 minutes and you don’t want your arm to ache!) so that you get a thick cream that can be spread onto the cupcakes. You can decorate your cakes however you want and plain butter cream frosting goes with this really nicely too if you don't like cream.
Finally, chop up some honeycomb covered in chocolate (you can either make you own, which is surprisingly easy to do, or buy if from a shop) and then cover the cake in the honey comb pieces and voila! 
Hope you guys enjoy theses as much as I do!

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